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Rachel Lichtenstein's "Diamond Street: the hidden world of Hatton Garden" (Hamish Hamilton, 2012) intimately describes London's secretive and mysterious jewellery quarter.

Intimately connected to the area both personally (through family) and professionally (as an archivist of London streets), Lichtenstein is uniquely placed to explore the extraordinary stories of this historic part of old London.

Crossing the same territory repeatedly, guided on her walks by different experts, she gathers new layers of the story with each journey. The result is a brilliantly immersive and multi-layered portrait; both a documentary and a secret history of a vanishing world.

Andrew R Ullmann Ltd. is one of the oldest shops in the Garden, specialising in antique and second hand jewellery. In this film James Price brings Rachel Lichtenstein's chapter into vision, allowing us an intimate glimpse of hidden Hatton Garden.


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