Video Glitch

Germany 2003, 14:00 min
Video: Heiko Daxl
Music: Tobias PM Schneid
Sounddesign: Markus Lehmann-Horn

Experience is nothing else than change of memory.

Film-leaders and takes of railways are the raw footage of the work. By manipulation and montage in relation to the musical composition there are points for thoughtful excursions, roundabouts, dreams, curves,
imaginations and lost memories. But the continuance of transitoriness keeps its familiar riddle. A railway
journey as a cinematographic experience.

"The flowers are not flowers anymore, but spots of colour, or better to say red and white stripes. There is no point, everything turns into stripes. Cornfields like long yellow strands of hair and meadows like long green plaits. Church towers and trees start to dance and merge in a lunatic way with the horizon. Sometimes a shadow appears, a ghost (...) and disappears like a flash" (Victor Hugo, 1837)


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