Video Glitch

What you are about to see....Has never been shown to anyone. Silverlage's first project of all original video/visuals as well as all original music/sound. Used basic programs like Video Studio 7 SE Basic and a Mini Disc Recorder for the audio. Video taped lots of video from amusement parks and the sky at night and water from various areas around Virginia and South Carolina. Audio consists of 'field recording', experiments on a Yamaha DX27, Digitech RDS 1900, Digitech DSP Digital Processor, Sony analog 8 camcorder.
One of the major points of this video, which developed during the process, was to audibly illustrate the separation between nature and industry and the anxiety humans experience continually due to this separation. Towards the middle of the piece a sample dialogue spoke of Bernie Krause, field recording pioneer, and the impossibility to record pure nature sounds without the interruption of technology or industry this day and age. This was dis-proven as nature, rain and wind was audibly captured during my field recording in the wooded area in Spring Grove Virginia, Surry county without any audible industrial influence.


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