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I've just completed my DIY slider, Smooothslider (please forgive me for the name).

It is a slider with bearings, giving a superfine sliding motion. I have never been a fan of the sliders with the sliding block, felt a bit to sturdy.

The rig is built by a piece of metal with holes in it, allowing many options for fastening a tripod head. You can easily pick one and drill up the whole a bit. Underneath the plate you will find 4 metall angels that have been welded to place. They too had allready prepared holes that I had to drill up a bit so that the screw would pass through.

I've used wingnuts on one of the sides in order to get the bearings in to the middle, and to get them fastened in one place...

On the back of the bearing you will find three screw washers. You can remove as many as two. This will make the bearings go back a bit, that will allow you to use thicker pipes or other things as rails.

I am very proud, I must say


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