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DIY camera jib crane, really cheap and works great.

2 Square aluminum tubes, 20 cm (0.75″) 2 m (4′) + 1 m (3′)
1 Angled aluminum 50 cm (19.6″)
(Wing) nuts and bolts, and nylon washers
I used nylon washers between any pieces of metal for less friction
1 Lazy susan rotating tray
2 Square steel tubes, 20 cm (7.8″)
2 Pieces of wood
QR plate for the camera
1 50 cm round steel tube welded to a steel plate attaching the lower wood plate
The tripod holds up to 12 kg, so if i get a heavier camera, no problem.

I plan to get 2 m of extra aluminum square tubes to extend the reach.
And yes, i have made a prettier counterweight :)


QR Plate

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Music: Big Rock Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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