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This is a brief but detailed description of a 35mm adapter I built for my Canon HF200. I built it for under $20 Australian (excluding the focusing screen and the Lens), using parts mainly sourced from eBay. The only parts I didn't get from eBay were the phone parts - which you can buy online - and the lens. Parts are as follows:

- Nikon 1.8D AF 50mm Lens
- Canon Ee-S focusing screen
- Vibration motor from an old phone
- charging components from the same phone (plug and socket)
- Old CD Stack clear top cover
- 3x Clothes pins
- 1 Nikon Macro extension tube
- 9V Battery
- 2 Pole switch
- 1W Zener Diode
- Battery Case
- 37mm to 58mm step-up ring
- Some tiny mobile phone screws
- some wire
- some heat shrink
- 2 part epoxy glue
- 2 part repair putty

I also built a few jigs etc along the way to help with the alignment of the focusing screen as this had to be perfect (46.5mm from the end of the edge of the bayonet ring if I recall correctly). It didn't turn out exactly as I imagined, and I may rebuild it if I could be bothered at a later date. Some parts are temporary and my first "fix it" item is a more secure way to hold the focusing screen in place. I'm also in the process of building a rail system to support the weight of it, though it's not actually that bad at the moment...I film supporting the joint with my hand anyway.

There are also some remnants of laziness on the adapter as I describe in the video but they didn't effect the output at all.

The output quality was much better than I hoped for with very little vignetting and almost no chromatic aberration that I can see. Low light performance is pretty grainy (as to be expected) but I can semi-fix it by messing with the camera settings.

Sample footage is over here if you care to take a look:

Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions as they would be appreciated. Anything to help improve this and other peoples builds!



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