With an increase in interaction with AI, will we as human beings improve in our communication as well?
The next generation virtual personal assistant, not the one I see today but future generations, will help us recognize elements of an individual that we don't normally recognize. We can see their attention, what they're looking at, we can learn about their preferences, we can learn about the individual's emotions, we can look at their face, actually your voice also gives a great deal about your emotions, and we can learn about how people react and what they're excited by and what they're not. So the system that we're talking about that's meant to assist you learns a lot about you in order to assist you. Now how that information and whether that information would be shared with your parents, for example, is something that the world will evolve to let us know. But absolutely, the system is going to learn personal information, personalize the information and use it for you. And I think the challenge will always be, what can I share, what can I not share? The whole major dynamic in the world in the future will be privacy versus personalization. SRI will always be on the side of privacy, and in fact we'll be deploying tools to make sure that these assistants are trusted. But to the extent that people are willing to share information, what excites them, what they like, what they don't like, that information could profoundly improve people's ability to understand that person.


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