UNSW School of Mining Engineering Virtual Reality Training Showreels

The iCinema Centre has been conferred the world's leading design award, the Gold IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America. The award is for iCASTS, iCinema's unique visualisation and interaction systems for art, education, and safety training. The award also recognises Tiller Design, who have designed the user interface consoles for iCASTS.
Key characteristic differentiators for this iCinema technology include:

* A 360 degree stereo projection theatre delivers a high-resolution totally immersive 3D experience
* Capability to be interactively used by groups rather than just one person at a time
* Unprecedented level of realism and immersion
* Trainees can actually recognise their own work environments
* Continual build-up of database of actual workplace
* Ability to be tailored to individual industry or equipment manufacturer needs
* Image, not text-based training delivers potential to be easily used in overseas operations

j vimeo.com/6860502

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