Virtual Screening Room #232

everybody lives downstream sample 2 (WIP - NYSCA - IAG)
(from the section - "sunvein")
HDV, 2013, 06:00 excerpt

Concept, video & editing by Anna Scime (with Neil Terry)
Soundscape by Wrath of the Weak

As a result of pollution and the developmental pressures of urban expansion, much of Buffalo's Scajaquada Creek has been buried in underground culverts since the 1920s.

Storm sewers continuously overflow into the creek and its contaminated sediments (the remaining relics of its industrial history) crowd its bottom and banks, but somehow, the stream survives. In places it even thrives - producing an eerily rich and resilient ecosystem worthy of the name the Neutral Nation gave it - "Scajaquada" or "beyond the multitude."

A short excerpt from a longer videographic essay, sunvein paints an atmospheric portrait of the city’s interaction with this stream-scape. It is both an homage to urban wilderness and a focused study on manufactured landscape.


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