Alpha-ville 2010 Visionary Cities Competition

Pulsing black spheres float eerily in the sky. Clusters of quartz grow from lo-fi ruins, resembling 'The Crystal World' of J. G. Ballard. The audio track crackles with static interference suggesting possible radio transmissions from unseen origins. In this vision of the future mankind has built cities of concrete protected by obsidian energy fields, virtual worlds within virtual worlds, akin to sci-fi concepts such as the 'metaverse' in Neal Stephenson's 'Snow Crash' or the 'autoverse' in Greg Egan's 'Permutation City'.

'Snowcrash' recalls early flight simulators and lo-fi computer graphics. In a simultaneous glance back at the past and to post-apocalyptic narratives of the future it provokes questions about our current direction and our changing technological landscape.


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