VJ Bandit

Under the German techno label Taktgeber Musik, Canadian based producer Moevalith (Limikola, Taktgeber Musik, Wandler Records, Frappant) has released two futuristic and ominous tracks. Numerically titled in binary-like digits, these tracks carry elements of Moevalith’s dark and methodical sound. Do not be fooled by his age, this young producer’s experience definitely shows in his music. Beware: these finely crafted pieces will grab you, and not let go.

Visual interpretation of the music has been taken care of by another staple in the Montreal techno scene. Known for his dark imagery and unique mixing style, VJ Bandit has re-animated one of the all-time great silent films of the German Expressionist era, Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis.’ Over 80 years after its initial release, the messages and questions posed by the film about the relationship between humanity and the technology that surrounds us, prove to be more relevant than ever.

j vimeo.com/13690132

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