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Here is an extract from the showcase of the collective "l:ed", performed at "Le Rocks" (also known as "le B8"), Paris, the 12nd of June.
(Thank you Lionel for the footages!)
This performance consisted in live video making (vjing by Dorianne Wotton) and live music making (by Exomène).
Exomène has played is debut album "The life and death of an unnoticed shadow" (available here: 5kyeeidtal.bandcamp.com/album/the-life-and-death-of-a-unnoticed-shadow) while Dorianne was mixing some images and video captures.

l:ed always engages and interacts with its audience especially through video capture.
The crowd directly shape our performance because we choose our sounds and images according to its reaction. That is why we face the audience and we use colorful and interactive performances controllers.
But the crowd in itself is also a performance controller : the movements, the color of the clothes... everything is used to interact with our images and sounds thanks to video capture.

Music: Exomène (exomene.com)
VJ: Dorianne Wotton (dorianne-wotton.com)

A few words about the collective of artists "l:ed"
l:ed is a group of artists currently composed by the picture slayer Dorianne Wotton and the soundsmith Exomène.
l:ed as in « l : Experiments in Digital »
l:ed as in « l : Exomène & Dorianne Wotton »
l:ed as in « l : Æsthetic of Desolation »

Along with their own works, the two partners Dorianne Wotton and Exomène are collaborating since 2004 around the concept of « æsthetic of desolation » their work extends to the areas of photo, music, video, digital arts and multimedia performance.
Their more recent works are « Synæsizer » (digital art installation), « Glitch-O-matic » (digital art installation) and « X-Peri-Mental » (audiovisual live act)

These recent works as they tend to involve new partners and artists made them create this group in order to facilitate the emergence and the shaping of new pieces of art.

This group aims to facilitate the creation of new pieces of art (especially multimedia and digital), to promote and disseminate them.
So l:ed is open to every person and institution in order to facilitate collaborations between its members and the completion of their projects.

j vimeo.com/68800546

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