VJ Loops

I joined a band last year as the visual designer.

The band, Drugzndreamz was interested in creating an audiovisual experience beyond just being a band that made music. Located in Vancouver, Canada, the band was formed in 2008 within the burgeoning Canadian bass-driven ‘beat’ scene that also produced Bassnectar, ThunderHeist, Crystal Castles, DeadMau5 and MSTRKRFT.

We played a few shows and I adapted some pre-existing content in my VJ repertoire to fit the stage show. It wowed the crowd, but we kept discussing the 'next level'.

I had the opportunity at VFS' digital design program to create a design and branding package for the band, and expand the audiovisual synchronization by creating customized loops for live shows.

We started with the story of the album, the stories of each song, and constructed thematic graphics to match.

In addition to the audiovisual aspects of this project, I reworked the wordmark, created a logo, composed a style guide and assembled a library of static work for future use in motion graphic loops.

I was given specific instrument samples and time samples from each of the tracks on the album, and made visual loops which reacted to their audio, which were then linked in Modul8, the vj software, to Ableton via MIDI. This means that when a segment of music gets triggered to play, the visual media is also triggered.

Some other non-linked visual loops were also created to be reactive to the audio, and were layered under and on top of the MIDI reactive layers.

We rented a photo studio to test it all out. Here are the results.

Not being satisfied with stagnation, we're currently working on taking this whole set of linked content on to a next level.

j vimeo.com/26332908

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