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I recently visited Maldives with my wife Richa. Although we spent most of our days below the waters snorkelling and diving in the rich colorful seas of the island, our camera was at work above the water sitting on a tripod and happily clicking away at regular intervals to take pictures. The awesome pictures have been combined to line up in this time-lapse photography film "Colors of Maldives".

I'm really intrigued by time-lapse photography and the way it is done. The film actually consists of four scenes, made up of approximately 1200 HDR photographs totally. If you're familiar with HDR, you'd know that each photo consists of three photos (underexposed, normal & overexposed to combine into a high dynamic range image). So this is actually close to 3600 photos. The photos were clicked serially using an intervalometer at regular time intervals of 15 seconds between shots and aligned together to run at 24 frames per second to form this awesome video. What you see here in about a minute is actually more than 6 -8 hours in realtime.

In addition to showing some of the beautiful sights in Maldives, the video conveys the raw power possessed by the 5D Mark III camera from Canon. I'm still new to the 5D Mark III but I'm really in awe of the results, as you can see in this video. Why I'm really kicked about my new camera is also because with this, I go back to movie-making, a passion that I was really hooked onto in my college days but faded with time. I now revive my love for making movies and I assure you you'll see a lot of them from now on. This is one of my first time-lapse films and i hope you enjoy watching this one as much as we enjoyed making it.


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