VW Adventures


> Dedicated to all of those I am lucky enough to call my friends. May we forever have times like these.

We witness friends yield to the distance, filled with a childhood urge to linger behind, to stray from the pace. Adolescent thoughts causing us to remain. Sweaty palms, an aching pit of a stomach. By small chance you are left here, others departure bitter in its inevitability, this places’ importance not seated so high in minds. If I remain in this wood & let friends leave, could I waste what time I have, waiting for them to walk by this place once more?

Be ever mindful these new memories drown in the seas of the old- without thought we arrange and assign places dear to us. Those saturated spaces where the time between meetings would be short, ruled by the certainty of numbers and probability. Where chance has power and chance meetings are just that. The between spots when we are not truly alive.

To those few where a lifetime may pass without reunion. What places will we only visit once? Never to return. Significant in our minds. If you ever lose me, scour those, yet be content
- You might find us there.

Landlocked films &


‘Hold on’ by Angus & Julia Stone.

‘The Suburbs’ by Mr Little Jeans.

‘Candles’ by Daughter.

‘The words of the Revelator’ by Bryan John Appleby.

‘Under the same Sun’ (Live) by Ben Howard.

j vimeo.com/56583499

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