Washington DC

It's one thing to listen to President Obama speak through the media, it's another to be in attendance at one of his speeches. There's something about the ambiance of being amongst the crowd that can respond (and will respond) to everything that's being said. This is something I did not expect when I was amongst crowds of people experiencing the Inauguration of 2013. This is why I was compelled to make this video. And this is why I chose to keep the audio that came out of my camera pointed at the Capitol Building. To me, it adds that dynamic of President Obama's words echoing all throughout DC and the rest of the country. Hopefully the video adds more to the metaphor ;)

Although my Inauguration 2013 experiences was shared by the million or so people in attendance, there was one experience that made my trip so unique. I have the honor to know Meriam Reynosa who is the CD 15 Electoral College Delegate. I followed Meriam most of the trip and I dedicate this to her and her accomplishments thus far and her future achievements. It was great to see her being interviewed by the international press as well as local press from California. Thanks to her, I was able to get a gold ticket to attend the Inauguration ceremony as well.


j vimeo.com/58014478

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