Washington DC

Here's the footage I shot on Inauguration Day last month. I shot a few scenes the night before, showing some of the preparation taking place on the National Mall - mostly press/media and security related. I was expecting security to be extremely restrictive even the night before, but that wasn't the case - if I'd wanted to I could have gone all the way up to Capitol Hill.

- Canon 5D2
- 24-105 mm f4.0 L lens
- Manfrotto monopod with video-head

On Monday, I headed out around 11AM - later than I should have, given the huge rush and insane amount of people making their way towards the National Mall. I left on my bike but had to ditch it soon as there was barely room to walk in the midst of the crowd, let alone ride a bike. I took a limited amount of equipment with me - just camera and monopod. It was difficult filming while shuffling along with everyone chest-to-back, but I was able to break away from the crowd a few times and stand on a few barriers to get a better vantage point. And, as I got closer to the mall, the crowd thinned out a little, giving me more space to get some shots. As you'll see in the video, all the streets in the National Mall area had been completely cleared of all traffic, and before/after the inauguration address itself, they were packed sidewalk to sidewalk with people making their way to/from Capitol Hill.

This was the first inauguration I'd attended - all in all, an incredibly unique experience. You don't usually see close to a million people walking around in your city's downtown area.

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