The Canon 550D is still bringing the bread. I brought my Sigma 30mm 1.4 and a Canon 85mm 1.8 which I never took out. I'm always scared to switch lenses on days that I have to do video because of the moments I could possibly miss. It's not like photography where I can put the camera down for longer periods. I really do need a 2nd body at all times if not a second person to do video. Once again I did the photography and video coverage by myself as well as the edits, layouts, and printing.

Nancy and Regan are my nicest clients. They never pressured me, or made any demands. They never asked for a discount or freebies. They never rushed me. They accommodated me and treated me with respect as I ate with the family the same time they did and not with the help or in a secluded area. They did not inhibit my creative freedom one bit. For that I put more work into their video both on the field and during post. I did the best that I currently could. This is my favorite wedding, next to my own.

- Ryan


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