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No Three Words Have Greater Power Than 'I Love You'.
I dont normaly do second trailers from a same wedding cause the time and the deadlines are so under pressure and I have to keep moving forward......... but what happened this time and i went back to visit again the same wedding?
my little daughter......... ;D
I was watching the first cut from this wedding when she came smiling like always to see how is Daddy doing. and I told her that i have to check this video (the first trailer )and then we can watch her favorite cartoon when she replied back. BUT I WANT TO SEE THE PRINCESS (pointing at Michelle on the screen) ! and thats was the sparkle of the best smiles and the motivation for something to treasure this moment! She really saw the meaning and the feeling of what a real wedding should be in one of my videos and me and my Adrian we couldnt feel more proud!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its the power of magic, the power of love ....... the freedom that I got from this amazing couple to create for them WITH NO boundaries and no phonecalls, unlimited time and apriecation for my work....... Demetrios and Michelle thank u! ur wedding was the wedding i could give my cameras to RE-LIVE it from the begining! IT was fantastic and outstanding...................congratulations again and again

thanks to my band of Camera Singers Tasos & Christoforos

thanks to the one and only Theo Georgiades for this talent and support during the day!

and YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Adrian We Did it again! :) thank u for making me cabable of feeling everymoment from this ONE in a Lifetime Adventures! :)

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