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Vincent, a director in Shin Yang Group, and Joanie an IT expert, met each other while they were studying at Curtin University-Perth. From uni friends to lover, and now-a wedded husband and wife.

They were solemnised at the church near here in Miri, one of the largest city in the state of Sarawak-Malaysia, on the 29th. Sept 2009.

I met Joanie about a year ago, when she dropped by to our showroom for a preview of our work. And, the next thing I know, I was asked to fly over to Miri, to meet the man himself-Vincent for a heart to heart chat on what we, the GregsVideo team can do for them on their special day, as Vincent could not meet me in KL with his tight schedule.

He took a day off on that day to personally meet me, and also for the 3 of us to get to know each other. I was toured around Miri, and were also brought around to some best local cuisine to dine. We chat and chat and chat, all about ideas and dreams that can be made, on their one and only wedding day.... something special, uniquely different, and most importantly memorable!

It was a great trip, as its my first trip there. I managed to get the whole imagination of the wedding, the places that I will be filming, and also, who the couple really are that we will be filming on that day! And, to describe about the couple-Vincent & Joanie, all i have to say is that-they are an awesome, sweet loving couple! I m just so glad that we did it for them! So glad!

This is the highlights video of the wedding, that was premiered on the same day at the dinner reception where some 1000 guests attended the reception that was held in Imperial Hotel!

We will be writing more story bout this wedding with some behind the scenes photos in our blog: -

Please upload HD video fully before watching! Enjoy!


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