Vimeo Weekend Challenge

For the before and after weekend challenge. The image captures scintillations on the water of a small brook carrying snowmelt to the river. The scintillations were photographed out of focus with the intent of showing the light as dancing. A one minute clip was uploaded to Vimeo and processed with the enhancer two different times. In this case I used the "Awesome Possum" filter first and the "Stoked Solar Quad" for the second clip. After each of the enhanced clips were completed I downloaded them to my computer and made a second video using the two enhanced clips and the original unedited piece.
The soundtrack is a one minute excerpt for a 42 minute piece called "Someone In Detroit" by ionosonde recordings. He's here on Vimeo and is doing some amazing stuff. Well worth your time to check him out. This was used with permission as Creative Commons thing.


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