Vimeo Weekend Challenge

Presented with Vimeo Weekend Challenge subject "shapes" I spent a couple of days just thinking about shapes, looking for shapes. It seemed to be a great exercise in paying attention and looking a little deeper into things.
What stood out for me was the shapes of leaves and dead stumps as I spent time walking in a nature preserve. At the same time I was exploring an app Code::Brush created by Gwen Vanhee and thought of ways to incorporate this organic painting app into a visual space. I ended up shooting on a iphone using Filmic Pro. I called it shapeshifter not necessarily based on the theme of the challenge but on my attempt to offer a deeper insight into natures ability to shift in and out of context of what we perceive nature to be and the chance that we are all creating brushstrokes of our imagination.

Gwen Vanhee

Filmic Pro App


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