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It has now been five years since I handed in my notice at a London Advertising Agency and set off on my bicycle in search of the perfect meal.

Since then I have pedaled the Americas, cycled The Mekong and ridden around Taiwan: I have hunted wild boar in France, cycled naked through London (twice) and eaten percebes in Northern Spain. I have dwelt in a treehouse, talked to turkeys, cycled from Cairo to Jerusalem and taken my fold up bike to Paris.

At times it has been exhausting and at others uplifting. It has been lonely and soul-full, fun and a hassle. I have questioned what I am doing more often than I should. But looking at this fast moving slide-show video of my photography from the last five years compiled by Pummelvision I would not have wanted it any other way.

Warning this video does contain naked cyclists. Enjoy!

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