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This video features Kamran's bicycle ride to home—from Germany to Pakistan. The plan was to ride through 11 countries from Rostock, Germany to Kamran's home town Layyah in Pakistan, totalling 10,000 km journey in 100 days. His tour took off on June 2, 2011. After being 50 days on the road, Kamran had to break his journey in Turkey in the wake of his mother's hospitalization.

Born and raised in a small city in Pakistan called Layyah, Kamran has always longed to travel to farthest destinations. His bicycle, a recumbent, is named Maya. Maya and Kamran have been to the following countries together:

Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,Turkey, Pakistan


Phantogram: Don't Move.

Ben Woods. Moments: No Words from Above

Ben Woods. Moments: The Brightest Lights in the Darkest Skies


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