JELLYFISH LAKE by Sarosh Jacob

Palau is a special place. Thousands of years ago these jellyfish became trapped in a natural basin on the island when the ocean receded. Over time they evolved into a new species and their sting is no longer harmful to humans.

Film / Edit: Sarosh Jacob saroshjacob.com
Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Sigma 15mm Fisheye Lens and Aquatica Housing
Music: Radiohead "Nude" radiohead.com

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Jellyfish Lake was featured in the new Microsoft IE9 Internet Explorer 9 TV Commercial "a more beautiful web" See here: vimeo.com/45522018
Special thanks to Keith Rivers Films, Vimeo, and the Micorsoft IE9 team!

Special thanks to MSNBC Today's Dara Brown for the feature: overheadbin.nbcnews.com/_news/2011/05/25/6718227-photographer-swims-with-jellyfish

j vimeo.com/23079092

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