Cleaning up the Infidel project:
2 more dives made on the Infidel wreck around Catalina Island by a team of divers and volunteers.
Team goal is to remove all the nets spread on and around the boat, and lots of progress have been made, following multiple clean-up dives, since mid 2012:
vimeo.com/44194867 - Infidel wreck (Jun-12)
vimeo.com/50908358 - Ghost Net Removal on the Infidel (Sept-12)
vimeo.com/56356707 - Cleaning the Infidel (Dec-12)
vimeo.com/58634298 - How to lift a net (Mar-13)
vimeo.com/64285328 - Cleaning of the Infidel (Mar-13)

Nets within or trapped around various wreck or structure are constantly killing marine life - more info on ghostfishing.org
Such projects require a lot of resources, from equipment to volunteers and diver support to help during decompression. The collected nets (more than 2000 pounds so far) will be recycled - more info on aquafil.com/en/sustainability/the-econyl-project.html

The Infidel wreck lands by 150ft of water, which makes the diving and net cutting conditions always challenging, also in an area subject to strong currents.
But these dives happened in really good conditions from visibility and current (enough to clean the silt at depth, almost no current during decompression)
Different diving profiles for the 5 diving teams, but around 30min+ of bottom time and 30min of decompression .

Video shot with hacked Panasonic GH2, WA 7-14mm, Nauticam housing and 2 mangrove lights.

j vimeo.com/79393132

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