Cleaning up the Infidel project - 3rd trip for 2014
The net removal of the Infidel wreck around Catalina Island continues - After several trips in 2013, we have completed the 3rd trip this year!
As before, a large team of divers and volunteers went back to Catalina to further progress on the Infidel clean-up project. While only 1 dive was really effective, about 4-500 pounds of nets were brought back to the surface.
Sadly, marine life (sea lion or seals) have been trapped recently. Need to speed up the cleanup.

All these taken net will be recycled :
The collected nets (getting close to 3000lbs now probably) will be recycled - more info on the all process on:
Another example, the company aquafil.com who supported this trip will make carpet products out of these net - econyl.com/en/index.html
It is interesting to see that the less Net ont he wreck, the more marine life you can see.

Previous videos:
vimeo.com/86972426 - Feb'2014, with the pneumatic cutting tool
vimeo.com/85122663 - 2014 Opening
vimeo.com/79393132 - From November 2013 clean-up
vimeo.com/58634298 - How to lift a net (Mar-13)
vimeo.com/64285328 - Cleaning of the Infidel (Mar-13)
vimeo.com/50908358 - Ghost Net Removal on the Infidel (Sept-12)
vimeo.com/56356707 - Cleaning the Infidel (Dec-12)
The Infidel wreck lands by 150ft of water, which makes the diving and net cutting conditions always challenging, also in an area subject to strong currents.
Video shot with hacked Panasonic GH2, WA 7-14mm, Nauticam housing and 2 mangrove lights.

j vimeo.com/89889636

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