Hello there badass motorcycle enthusiast, have you ever felt like peeling out at 60miles/hour in a little more than 2 seconds? Yes you did… Buy this 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S and you will.

That caged animal that is now trapped inside of you, will get out roaring while you are splitting lanes at Sunset boulevard… The shout of satisfaction that will be coming out of your chest will be louder than the open mufflers of this beast.

This amazing Ducati will make you scream “I AM ALIVE!!!” all the way to your job, while the wind will be tearing at your clothes and people around you will ask “what was that?”.

It’s guaranteed fun commute driven by torque. The sex appeal that this Ducati oozes out, will sure gather attention at stop lights and parking lots….

She is more fun than having a lifetime pass to Six Flags Magic Mountain!

I hate to loose her, but my garage has limited space. Ducati doesn’t make HP1100cc anymore, just the smaller engine, so you can’t buy it new even if you have the money.

I put new tires on my girl to make her feel good before I dump her. She is still young but I am already riding a Multistrada 5 years younger, with a killer body and 1200cc engine.

I haven’t ridden my Hypermotard that much since I got her, almost a virgin with 2 miles in. Someone had test ridden her (but what girl hasn’t got some test mileage in before getting to the first real man, huh?).

I rode her less than 5,000 miles in the total 5 years I’ve been with her. I am sure you will ride her harder and longer. It’s not her, it’s me!!! In the end she will love you more than the she loves me. She will understand its best for all of us.

I feel like a freaking bastard dumping her, but in California after 5 years, even if you are not married, you have to pay spousal support – so it’s 2013 and time to upgrade her.

So she doesn’t feel bad once she finds out who I am already riding, I upgraded her with 2013 Multistrada open mufflers, Multistrada back fender and Carbon Fiber front fender, custom tail lights & custom LED integrated front blinkers, folding levers, custom shortened headlight cowl, and removed all unnecessary equipment that was weighing her down. I know I am pimping her, but I wanted her to be happy and perform better.

I made this video to sell her.

I know, that after watching this video, you got a hard on, but stop jerking off and reach for your wallet.

I accept Cash and Money order and only then I let you play with her pink… -- Her pink sleep says 2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100S, Red. I also installed red and black anodized stuff, like new tricky foot pegs, Rizoma oil cap and bar ends, single flip mirror. She has all the bling she needs to look even more amazingly sexy…

You will love her forever, she is truly long-term marriage material. She comes with about $4,000 of extras & upgrades I made.

I let her go if you give me an endowment of $9,900 –O.B.O. She is registered as a garage-parked bike with DMV so it has no insurance, you have to give her the minimum necessary before you ride her in public.

Call me with your offer - You will not regret it. My phone number is in the end of the video – link above.

Roney Monteiro fez este vídeo com o intento de dramatizar um comercial para vender sua motocicleta, mas não tinha nenhuma intenção de vender-la. Sete ofertas depois e ele continuou sem querer vender.

j vimeo.com/69450439

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