OFFICIAL TRAILER - ANOTHER (2014) - 80min - Directed by Jason Bognacki



"Another reimagines the witchy weirdness of Dario Argento’s classic Suspiria (1977) while further fragmenting its own coming-of-age narrative into a fever dream of spatio-temporal ruptures and hyper-stylised imagery." - The Guardian

Ranked as one of the Top 10 horror films of 2014- The Daily Record

"Demonic Schizophrenia ! "-Almas Oscuras

Ranked as one of the top 5 films at Film4 FrightFest. Time Out - London (MAGAZINE)

"...demonic possession, distorted realities and odd obsessions." ★★★★ review from DailyRecord

"Another is a real cult film , powerful in the annals of horror, giallo, and fairytale…" - L'Ecran Fantastique

"The film’s love of the saturated colours, dreamlike atmospheres and lush soundtracks of 1960s and ’70s Italian giallo thrillers oozes from every frame." - Time Out London

"Another will stay with you for days after seeing the movie and will send chills up your spine every time you think about it" - HellHorror.com

"Another turns out not to be the Suspiria rip-off that horror fans have been dreading, but a dynamic reimagining better than anything in their wildest dreams…" - Filmland Empire

"Just go with it and enjoy the excellent cinematography, which is retro without being obnoxiously Grindhouse, and the sheer madness of it all." - SciFiNow Magazine

"It's comforting to discover a stylistic witches brew that's formally audacious without resorting to mere pastiche." -Little White Lies Magazine

"Not just my favorite movie at Frighfest, but my favorite of the year." - movieramblings.com

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