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Open water filming of baited shark diving with the help of a marine biology class from Britain, several shark experts and other filming crews working on the spot at the same time. Sharks are not as dangerous as portrayed by traditional media; however, this is not a regular shark diving and therefore this warning must be issued.

Warning: following scenes were filmed by professional or under supervision of professionals. Do not attempt to recreate any of the following. Always take all precautions while diving with sharks, especially with excited baited sharks. As you will see in the footage, sharks can get pretty intense but not really aggressive with the crew. They are just curious and super excited with all the fish guts, oil and dead fish. This was done on purpose for extreme encounters.

PS9 Wild Behind The Scenes - Filming locations presented as extra and additional content for TV specials about shark filming, courtesy of the rightful owners for the featured films. This is not a documentary; it can be part of a feature release on any media courtesy of the rightful owner.

Available in Europe with University of Oxford and NG. This is part of the behind the scenes non-exclusive footage. This video is released by Public Section Nine Production for online educational purposes.

(c) 2012 PS9 / OX / NG

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