The video is shot in the fall 2011. The edit time ended up to be long, so its released in September 2012

In respect to the special atmosphere and vibe Laperouse at Maui represents, the main goal for the video was to try to communicate that atmosphere. In short words, Laperouse has a special place in my heart. A dream could be to go surf the selves some day, at least only on a small day, or at least just for sit there on the shoulder.

All the drama with rain and so on are for sure a artistic turn just for be able to put some cool animations together in a story. And parts of the story could be that you have to work and go trough “rain” before you can surf.
The goal with the video was then also to have fun with different editing methods and have fun with learning something new.

Some of the special effects are done with big help and inspiration from different tutorials and templates see credits further down.

in order of appearance


Hans Zimmer
Margot de Valois Album: Henri 4
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Hans Zimmer
Attack Album: Pearl Harbor
(Music from the Motion Picture)

Aes Dana
Memory Shell ( Lost Radio E-Dit)
Album: Memory Shell

Jan A.P. Kaczmarek & Nick Ingman
Album: Finding Neverland
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

David Mitcham
Journey Through Paradise
Album: South Pacific
(Music Inspired By the Television Series)

In & Out (Chill Mix)
Album: The Downtempo Edition
(By Roger Shah)

Sound effects

Some sound effects made by me
Some sound effects from Mac garageband library
Some sound effects from:

Special effect
The video is edited in Adobe After effects.
Special effects are done with invaluable inspiration and
help from tutorials and templates specially from :

Some 3 parts plugins used from


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