RRD Sails designer John Skye redesigned the RRD Wave Vogue starting completely from scratch. A new luff curve creates a sail that kept all the get up and go of last years sail, but with an incredibly agile feel and considerably less pressure in the arms. New lighter and stronger materials immediately gave the sail a lighter feel.
Increasing control however was the key. Firstly thanks to the new luff curve we were able to reduce the profile. This instantly allowed the sail to completely depower through the top turn. On top of this a reduction in the luff tube width helped push the center of effort further forward, making the sail unbelievably neutral in the hands. This means you can completely forget about the sail whilst riding, and makes the sail incredibly forgiving in the jumps.
Packed with new features and details, both the Vogue and Vogue Pro are the ultimate in control and durability, letting you focus 100% on ripping.


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