Two Relationships at there wits end...
Meanwhile a writer seeks to have his work accomplished,
about a series of youth (Hipsters) living in one single artist HUB apartment.

Independent film. Avant-Garde genre.

Special thanks to the Frame Arts Warehouse, Keith Wood Studios, The Purple Room, Winnipeg Film Group & Video Pool Media Arts Center for there help and courtesy, along with Darcy Fehr and his Acting Studio.

Chelsea Rankin... as Karen, The Seductress
Joel Parker... as Jean-Luc, The Artist
Veronica Ternopolski... as Sharon, The Girlfriend
Jesse Laing... as Derek, The Boyfriend

Martin Wilson... as Leon 'Oz' Podolski, The Writer
Rick Gensiorek... as The Friend
Fay Kelman... as The Artist Building Manager
Katerina Dawson... as The Toronto Music Manager

Bill Pats... as Mason
Jean Javier... as Devon
Stephen Matthew Evans... as Carson
with Eric Reid, Matthew Enns, Kimi Alexander, Kristan Einarson, Cheryl Gensiorek, Debbie McSorley, Kim Palmer, Mackenzie Johnson, Nelson Corderio, Mona Mousa as The Poet, and Alex Platt as Billy Deane Rockwell.
Special thanks to those involved in the behind the scenes production including Kevin Bacon for Sound Op; Aimee Siple, Sam Fresh, Kyle Wong, Nick Zinghini, Aki Idi, Ash Selvanathan, John White, and Alex Mielke.


I hope you all enjoy, in playing with genres I hope to not touch the Avant-Garde genre for awhile. It was a fun piece showcasing local Winnipeg Talent. The challenge was just that, to showcase the acting abilities of some great young folk coming up. The Structure of the film, in terms of where characters come in and go, is taken directly from the script and not an editing trick done in post.

Written in the Summer 2013 after co-filmmaker Ash Selvanathan posted ads for Auditions for his short, Velasquez wanted to utilize as many of the acting talent into one story, so this freestyle script was produced; Filmed 2 days in November, 2 days in December, 2 days in January, 2 days in February, 1 day in March, with post-production in between. Styled by the Linklater films of Slacker and the intensity dialogue found in Eyes Wide Shut, the film portrays the 20-something life as something cold, dark and lonely... Two Relationships at there wits end, a friendship whom each have never taken the time to know another, the complainer who seeks to down others art, and the business managers whom seek to make a deal on a young open mic musician. While the Director intervenes and breaks the fourth-wall and finally a Writer whose very joy in life is connecting with Nature.

The Film borrows classical music from Kubrick films 'Eyes Wide Shut' and 'Barry Lyndon' and reworks them into a contemporary setting. Other tracks included from MGMT, The Smiths, Imagine Dragons, Fun, and the Rolling Stones.


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