Wisdom Traveler

A Wisdom Traveler Project for One Day on Earth 10.10.10.

A visual documentation of Diversity which is reflected by a small chinese community activity at Petak 9, Glodok Pancoran. Our new friend, a Tak Kie family which is located around this heritage area, since their ancestor come to Jakarta they run a small coffee house that also sells steam rice, mixed rice, chicken noodle, etc. The Petak 9 market with all the narrow alleys where they live, rent and trading, selling everyday needs from vegetables, foods, beverages to pirated DVD. Some heritage building are worn out and invaded by modernity. The environmental harms like the river and water are polluted already. The vihara, a place that chinese people praying are near by a church, mosque and business or home industry area. All living in the same rhythm with respect. The people are very welcome to other community people like us, they already aware of cultural mixture, and respect to a guest or a customers. This Petak Sembilan is a small area within big city Jakarta, the chinese community also spreads all over Jakarta, where most people still having a big hope of doing business, pleasure and living. What we like here is the simplicity of the people in this area, among those complication of work loads, meetings, huge building and huge business that we face everyday. I was lucky not living in that place, I am living in Jakarta southern area where the street are bigger, more trees, more spaces and clean environment. This one day on earth project is become a start up of my big project "Wisdom Traveler", I will do more documentary about wisdom in our everyday life that we already forget, missed or never aware. The purpose of the project will become a personal experience, education, archive, cultural/social/art documentary, feature film that all the thinking will be based on a wisdom. For myself, my friend, my next generation and my country. Indonesia

j vimeo.com/16580370

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