Women Behind the Camera

Trailer for the full version of this environmental education documentary film.

Madagascar’s rural population live a life intimately connected to the environment. Their survival depends on the climate, the forests and oceans of this ‘Red Island’, a land that is mostly known for its rich and unique biodiversity. Extreme weather events, including more intense cyclones and large variations in the rainy and dry seasons, linked with degradation of the environment and rapidly diminishing natural resources, are together forcing the people into a tight corner. This environmental documentary journeys into the heart of a land whose people are at the frontlines of global environmental changes. The film-makers seek the views of Malagasy people and allow them to share their voice. The peoples’ innate wisdom tells us of the importance of conservation, not only for future generations, but for the current one. Here on the Red Island, we see how social and environmental issues intersect at critical points.

Produced by Cosmos Productions
Directed by Jacqueline van Meygaarden

j vimeo.com/24472916

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