The sport of fitness never ceases to amaze me with its rapid ability to create a stronger human body. Especially for women. Previous generations of women are brought up to believe 'thin' is healthy and eating less or dieting is the avenue to success. This is not the way. We are at the forefront of a health revolution. A revolution consisting of individuals who believe health care means eating clean whole foods combined with function fitness, not pills and dieting. We are seeing women of all ages tap into a potential which was previously dormant, creating a new generation of strong self-confident women that no yoga or zumba class could match. These women are still your mothers, sisters and daughters but they can now lift, run, squat, and press.

Women are setting the bar higher these days and it is great to see. Keep up the astounding work, ladies. I applaud you.

Take a look at some of the raw footage I captured this weekend. More to come.


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