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Made for the Rode Rockumentary Competition.

Shot & Cut by: Simon Wood.
Featuring: David "Producer X" Konde & Paul "Bomboy" Kizito.

Filmed with a Canon T3i, with vintage Nikkor Lenses.
Interview audio recorded with a Rode NTG2, and a Roland R-26 Recorder.
Edited with FCPX.
"Soundcheck" track by Bomboy. Recorded in X2 Studio with a Rode NT1 Microphone.

Filmed in and around Kajansi, Uganda.


"Music is not taught as a subject in schools. Thats why so many Ugandans are unable to play live instruments.
The other option was to create music in studios.
This is my studio. We make all our music in this small room, and this is also my house.
The cost of computers, hardware, and software has come down so much.
Now we can get quality equipment at affordable prices.
So now people like me can set up our own studios, and make our own music.
Making music has become easier. But getting people to listen to it is a problem.
Its hard to get music on the radio, and its also hard to get videos on TV's.
So we push the music into the nightclubs.
So when people start dancing we know that we have succeeded.
Making a living in this business is so hard. There is no safety net and there is no welfare.
People talk about starving artists as a joke, but if we don't succeed we are going to starve!"
> "Ah, you're not going to starve man!"
> "Sure?"
> "For sure. We're going to succeed!"


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