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This short film is the result of me touring Seattle for 2 weeks in June 2008 and showcases the many moods of this beautiful city. I hope this encourages others to go and explore Seattle in all it's splendour. Coming from the other side of the planet, it is heartening to find places where the people are warm and friendly and welcoming of tourists to their town.

This is in part inspired by other peoples efforts I have seen here on Vimeo. Thanks to all the film makers here for giving me the drive to try making something like this.

2nd Edition: Uploaded April 23 2010 - after nearly a year on Vimeo I have been watching a lot of others work and have started playing with very basic colour grading and what is possible purely within Premiere CS3. I have only just scratched the surface but have begun to understand that such processes really can improve the look of your film. This latest upload is now a 1080p mp4 version (drawn from the original source) rather than the original transcoded 720p flv version I uploaded initially and the look is much better.


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