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Sicily unveiled presents: The rostra from the Battle of Aegadian islands (promo)

Museum Whitaker, Mothya (Sicily)
20 Novembre 2012-20 February 2013

"At dawn on 10 March 241 b.C, Carthaginian admiral Annone understands that the wind is favorable to sail to Sicily, to Drepanum, to be understood not as the modern Trapani, but as Bonagia Bay, the single point that allowed to join quickly Hannibal on the heights of Mount Eryx. 700 ships sail to sea and this is when Lutazio Catulo has a brilliant intuition: he understands that the fleet would not be passed between Levanzo and Favignana, but Northern Levanzo. He camouflages the Roman ships on the right bank of Levanzo. When ordering the attack, the Roman fleet wreaks havoc in the ranks Carthaginian And what you see here are the protagonists of the battle!" Sebastiano Tusa, Superintendent of Maritime Cultural Heritage and Environment of Sicilian Region.

A program by Jean Paul Barreaud
Directed by Gabriele Gismondy
Photography Alessio Algeri

Full episode available on Sicily unveiled Youtube channel:


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