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“Malta” orange is not an impulsive or insignificant fruit, it has an influence on our lives and so do other invisible and imperceptible connotations which we are unconsciously unaware of; such attached strings are not antiquate or either irreplaceable, everything consigns out a purpose.
Well the film is not really about Malta, it’s about life itself and the beauty of exploring these meaningful rationale and the principles of life. We are unaware of the beauties of life, its existence and people around us until we explore or identify their culture and the way they live. Men are a social animal and this societal, collective and communal identity reveals the truth about the survival of men, it’s not necessarily about the adaptation of sociality but the adaptation of surviving and carrying out our lives in order to enjoy and learn the beauty of life and understanding. We are all humans but every single existence has a different story written on the lines of our palms and therefore we are deeply implicated and engaged into our own world. Struggling is the meaning of life and we have to make the most out of it, and live it freely!


Note: Watch the video with WOOFERS / HEADPHONES
Music: The Future Is Blinding
Camera: Canon T2i
Location: Old City Lahore


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