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I shot this on the Canon 7D in Halawa Valley on Molokai.
It will be used to introduce the subject at his lectures and workshops.

(Update 2.20.10 - Living the Sacred Teachings of Aloha, is the first featured film on the new Native American Entertainment Network that went live today.

Some background notes:

The ancestral knowledge of the Hawaiian people was handed from generation to generation through an oral tradition. Students were chosen and placed into a school of learning; from that moment forward the student lived the teachings of his ancestors. Knowledge, history, and genealogy are preserved in dance, chant, song, and stories. Constant practice and repetition was administered until mastery was demonstrated in every word and tone. On the island of Molokai, in the valley of Halawa this cultural practice still survives.

Kanaka Maoli, Kumu Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki is the 50th generation Kumu of his Hawaiian Halau lineage, which is a traditional school of ancient knowledge from the island of Molokai. Born in the valley of Halawa on the island of Molokai, Kumu Lawrence is respected throughout Hawaii nei often sought after for all manner of sacred rituals & protocol of ceremonies. He has dedicated his life to preserving & perpetuating the cultural traditions of his ancestors for several decades.


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