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A Stranger in Paris is a commercial documentary and social media campaign sponsored by Shangri-La Hotels.
The project documents the experience of Chinese media mogul Hong Huang, as a stranger in Paris. The camera follows Hong as she learns about Parisian culture by visiting artists, musicians, designers, foodies and cinema experts. Additional video documents the historic Shangri-La hotel Paris and this reel video, showing some of the unseen footage Hong saw as she traveled from place-to-place.

This project was also an experiment in social media marketing. Hong communicated with Chinese fans in real time, on the Chinese Twitter client — Weibo, conversing with strangers in Paris and fans in China. Audio and visual content were created in real time, communicating with fans back in China.

The five 8-minute videos, two 4-minute videos, one one-minute video, five 40 second trailer videos and 130 published photos we're created and edited within a 10 day period, on two continents.

Produced by Jonah M. Kessel and Stefania Rousselle.
Cinematography by Jonah M. Kessel
Editing by Jonah M. Kessel

Music by
Tony Anderson
"A Father's Heart"


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