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Tricky - Black Steel
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MFC HAWAII has been a fin culture since 1986.
Thank you to all the MFC riders that help us create what is best for your boards; special thanks to WORLD CHAMPIONS Francisco Goya, Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello, Victor Fernandez, Josh Stone, Kevin Pritchard,Gollito Estredo; the globetrotters and world travelers Keith Teboul and Manu Bouvet.
Another special thanks goes to all MFC riders, Jason Diffin, Pascal Bronnimann, Klaas Voget,Jake Miller, Dario Ojeda, Massimo "Manna" Mannucci, Vic Marcelli, Antoine Martin, Andrea Franchini, Valter Scotto, Renato Vitale, Carlo " NUT" Rotelli, Federico Infantino, Mattia Pedrani, Daniel Bonhof, Mattia Fabrizi, Fabrice Beaux, Fabio Calo', John Sky, Marco Bosi, Jason Stone, Loick Lesauvage, Laurent Guillemin, Olya Raskina, Andrea Pagan, Chris "Muzza" Murray, Leo Ray, Diony Guadagnino, Maarten Van Ochten.

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