Life. Nature. You. Make the connection.


When man loses Nature he looses his Family.

This video is only the first (and surely not the best) try to describe very important idea: if someone thinks that he have lost the connection with Nature and Life, it's not true, if he has a child. A child is the gift of Nature, the gift of Life; its the closest part of it which you can feel deeply. If you want to protect Nature and bring human back in it - try to understand children. Try to respect and be attentive to them.

We work with children, they make animated films on our studio (one of them you can watch in this group: ) - and we can compare it with the real massive catasrophy, when grown-ups loose connection with children's feelings, dont resprect their individuality, creativity and power, which they have. It is one of the fundamental reasons, why people don't respect Nature - they don't respect the closest part of it.

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