Life. Nature. You. Make the connection.

This film was made for the competition "Life.Nature.You make the Connection" which is promoted from the WWF organization. In slogan "you make Connection" we decided to record a short film to talk about the ecological footprint.

This is a test that calculates the acres of land that a person needs to live every day (eat / eliminate own residues) and after a series of questions concludes "if in the pace of that person could live all mankind" . The test result is read into "planets needed to live." For example a person living in a developed country has a result of 1.8 Earth / live while a person living in Africa gets a result of 0.6 Earth / live.

** WHY?
The ecological footprint is a concept little known and aware of how we live our daily life which impact on nature: what we eat, how we move, etc.The aim of this initiative is to make us aware of the resources we consume or resources we can avoid and invites us to change our daily habits ...

It is said that "if we are able to change our individual footprint everything on the world will start changing even the nature protection".

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