Nature in all its glory, well most of its glory... actually a bit of glory and a lot of other stuff.

Shot with EX-3, Letus Elite that pretty much fell apart the last week or so. Sadly not a single piece glass has kept its place on my Letus. Every single piece has come loose including the prism. If I didn't have to glue so much stuff back I would have bought the ultimate months ago.

You can see in a bunch of shots the edge to edge is terrible, I later found the prism was shifting around and the cover glass of the elite module came off again... (sigh... I had hoped they fixed that bloody problem by now)

Anyway, back to the video:

Most shots are done with the 80-200 F2.8 a few with the 17-35 F2.8 Nikons, no prizes for guessing :)
Did a bit of grading in Magic Bullet but still needs some work.

j vimeo.com/5020947

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