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DataScalaria is an interactive lighting structure which aims to create a new kind of ambiance in passageways of buildings. Its purpose is to turn these paths inside buildings into a different experience, breaking the routine of users with the rise of an unusual ambiance. The installation also works as an interface for data visualization, based on human activity, thus, when there is no activity, the installation reproduces different visual animations which vary their speed based on the number of people who have passed.

DataScalaria was especially conceived for the Center for Computer Graphics of the University of Minho. Our aim, was to transmit the sensed environment of technological innovation with aesthetics and an reduced power consumption system. To achieve this, we started to explore the irregular shapes of the building and cross them with a generative aesthetic, created with creative programming using Processing.org. By also exploring our interests in architecture, environments and design we aimed to create an interactive object, capable of  creating an ambiance and a mood for the passageways of the building. We used people´s movements and translated them into visual animations on a physical data visualization object. This object is composed by a series of LEDs strips that are connected to motion sensors, which are controlled by an Arduino. The fact that the technology used, has a reduce power consumption, makes this project also a new solution for lighting spaces in buildings.

Marco Heleno (mjheleno@gmail.com)
Pedro Marques (pedro.airesmarques@gmail.com)

@ Master's degree, Technology and Digital Art, University of Minho, Portugal.

Music: "Pink Circo" by The Musique Concrete Ensemble (freemusicarchive.org/music/The_Musique_Concrete_Ensemble/Zeromoon_Sampler_III_An_Explanation_of_Difficult_Music/zero05709_vbr)

j vimeo.com/46399509

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