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While all people are capable of aggression - an evolutionary trait that shouldn't be labeled as 'right' and wrong', unfortunately religion on certain occasion has definitely stood the blame for many violent and aggressive acts. Some religious scholars look at homosexuals, and feel as if these people are different from them and inopportunely alienation has occurred and the oppressed “homosexuals” have been deprived of their rights to choose with what they want to live with. People look at homosexuals with utter disgust, not desired and uninvited in the society. They feel annoyed and hatred gives birth to due to this deprivation. This illogical and unsound conclusion of not being accepted in the society has made the deprived “the Sinners”

The whole idea of 'sinners' is ridiculous. Religion is like a factious book dictating these laws that people should abide by such sinners. They teach moral values, and people blindly accept them without questioning. They label homosexuals as 'wrong' without thinking about it scientifically, and especially evolutionary. They don't ask themselves, "What is the difference between us?" They simply dismiss them completely. Why are there homosexuals? Well, for various reasons, particularly various levels of estrogen, and other Physical factors. Not to say, a man who is considered to have a very normal cognitive makeup cannot be gay.

So where does this anger come from, this hatred? Well, there is also an evolutionary aspect to this. People feel pride in belonging to a group, and people feel satisfaction from belittling another group, as well as doing what is 'right'. They feel as if they are right and oppress the minorities to gain superiority over them and rule them. Religion never says that one can be superior over his own kind, does it? It has been interpreted and manipulated the wrong way! We have a tendency to base our actions purely on emotion, without any logic. Many people are simply unable to think in a logically manner, due to lack of education and the immense and heavy influence of other views i.e. Religion.

But it just amazes me that people in educated societies, blindly follow the ridiculous rules, that other people, yes people not gods, created well before most scientific findings. It's ignorant, and it is a huge issue.


Music Design Georg Semo
Camera t2i
Software Final CutPro X
Special Thanks to Georg Semo for this Amazing Music
Note: Watch the video with WOOFERS / HEADPHONES


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