Young Rock Bands

PopALERT covers EveryBody talks.
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Making of:

Just one of a few projects I did with a hacked ( flowMotion) GH2 and AC90. The Wide shots for both locations were the GH2 and handheld were the AC90. The AC90 were set to 1080 24p with a shutter of 24. Neutral picture setting. The lighting wasn't that great in eighter video and I did some grading to the footage of them performing at the place that they usually train just on the AC90 while I kept the GH2 as is. For the concert footage, their wasn't any grading done on any camera except for one scene toward the end in which you saw 3 screens at once.

This all started with me being tasked to shoot a video of them at the concert and we figured the video could use a little more stuff so I decided to also shoot a video of them performing at the place that they train and since that's going to be a bit more work editing, you might as well use one of their professionally recorded songs rather than the live audio from the concert.

I wish the lighting was better and stronger at the place that they train but at least it didn't turn out bad. Their wasn't much time to shoot and I figured that the place has good enough lighting anyway. Turns out that some of the lighting from the room wasn't working but luckily, their were 2 lamps in the room that we also used together with the normal room light. Note to self, next time pick a date in which their is more than enough time to shoot and set up and borrow professional lighting in case I see that professional audio will be used and that I'll spend a good amount of time editing. Still, it was never intended for this particular video to be a big production. The original plan was just to get a few scenes at that place. Amazing how I ended up showing more footage of them at the place that they train when it was originally a concert video. Speaking of lighting, the concert footage was even worse since only the front singer was lit up. That can sometimes be a very big issue when shooting concert videos. In one concert video I shot, you couldn't even see the drummer's face too well. That's crazy!


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