ZZZ Fluxus

Video Teaser inspired by the Shannon's Maze

note from the release
When you listen to this EP you cannot keep yourself stable. Your heart pulsates like a bat out of the hell, your blood boils for the rhythm, your soul lingers on one side to the other of the room where your body tries to check the discharge of adrenaline as it emerges.
It reminds me of a film or a video set in the years 90' where a human being, without the effect of drugs, succeeded in penetrating the depths of their own intimacy.
This EP, constructed of 3 tracks, is the antidote to the pain of the day. It's the apotheosis of the night time, it's for the people that don't ask anything else other than to live a true trip riding the boundaries of their own conscience.
These 3 tracks give you this type of emotion or maybe it's just me. Are you able to feel it? Where there is a will, there is a way.
Words by Lorenzo Salmi
A1 Alhek - Numbing (Original Mix)
A2 Alhek - Inertia (Original Mix)
B1 Alhek - Inertia (Ness Remix)
Artwork by Julien Vassiades: julien.roboboogie.us/
Mastered at Soluxion Lab: soluxionlab.wordpress.com/


j vimeo.com/67767354

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